It’s okay to ask for a Recommendation

ID-100120954Are you constantly getting praise from your clients or peers? It’s okay to ask for a recommendations, use them to gain more business and credibility.

Recommendations from Peers- Gone are the days when recommendations are used primarily to get another job, it’s good to have that feedback to show your customers what your peers are thinking of you. I highly recommend that you get feedback from peers and post on your social media, especially your Linkedin profile. (I often look up a person’s Linkedin profile before our first meeting to get an idea of their background) Having peers look up to you for advise, or acknowledge your hard-work can show your customers your ability and dedication to assisting them.

Recommendations from Clients- This is such a huge benefit not just for your company but you personally. Again, I’d get your recommendations listed on your Linkedin profile, but also allow your company to post those recommendations on their blog or website. This allows similar companies to get first hand acknowledgement of your ability. Get them in advance so when a customer asks you aren’t hunting them down.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked for customer feedback or a reference from a client. Having that recommendation already in hand, with a video testimonial, or a nice printed statement is so powerful. It shows that this client was so satisfied they took time to express their gratitude. Which in turn, can make your prospect more likely to try you out.

It really is okay to ask for a recommendation if you did a great job, if they’re happy with your work/service they’re likely to give it to you. And, if you didn’t do a great job, this feedback will show you what you should be working on to improve for future opportunities.


About Sarah Battiste

Sarah Battiste is the Sales Director at Selling Simplified. Sarah Graduated from Florida State University, and has a diverse Sales/Marketing background. Sarah lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Patrick and 3 kids.
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